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Ms. Patricia Tanabe, MPA, MLS(ASCP)CMConferencista

Ms. Tanabe is the Executive Director of the ASCP Board of Certification and ASCP Vice-President.

She oversees the Board of Governors and fifteen standing committees comprised of over 100 volunteers. She has a BA in in Biology and Medical Technology from Augustana College and an MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from Roosevelt University. Ms Tanabe also has 10 years’ experience working as a medical laboratory scientist.

Ms Tanabe was instrumental in the conversion of paper-and- pencil testing to computer adaptive testing (CAT) in1993 and managed the smooth transition of intellectual property during the unification of the ASCP Board of Registry and the National Credentialing Agency. She is the co-editor of the ASCP best seller, BOC Study Guide, 5 th Edition and has extensively published and presented on Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), laboratory workforce issues, certification and licensure of medical laboratory personnel.

Under Ms. Tanabe’s leadership, ASCP BOC achieved the first and only ANSI accreditation for certification of medical laboratory personnel. During Ms. Tanabe’s tenure, the ASCP BOC international certification program has grown to include certificants from 86 countries and includes eighteen certification categories. She has traveled to Central & South America, South Africa, U.A.E. and Asia to promote certification of laboratory personnel and improve patient healthcare worldwide.